The Bard of Armagh


The “Bard of Armagh” is a traditional (Public Domain) Irish tune that was written about 1697–yes.  

If there is any doubt about the influence of Irish music on American folk music, this should remove all doubt (and you’ll agree when you hear the melody). 

This video includes a little history and an exclusive arrangement. 

Down By the Glenside: 

This is a traditional Irish tune (Public Domain), written in 1917 about the Irish Rising of 1867.

Also called “The Bold Fenian Men,” I first heard this song in Wexford, Ireland in 1972.  The “troubles” that had re-emerged in 1969 across Ireland were ongoing.  This is a song that one couldn’t sing in the North.


The Drifter

Music/video dedication to homeless veterans.

“The Drifter” is from the album/CD
“The Life, O’Reilly.”

Hearing Color: Chromesthesia

Video includes a discussion of chromesthesia as well as examples of how that neurological condition plays into music production.

Includes (background introduction) “SpellCast,” from the album/CD “Serious Underscore,” and a working excerpt (“in the production guts of”) “Willow Song,” from the album/CD “The Life, O’Reilly.”