The Life, O’Reilly

The Life, O’Reilly continues the foray into alternate folk, (and tunes with vocals), with influences of pop, jazz, and funk. 

The CD includes a tribute to homeless veterans (“The Drifter”), a tune that paraphrases some of the sayings/sentiments of James Mattis (“Le Jeux Sont Fait”), a smoky jazz club tune (“Another Shade of Blue”), and the title cut that is an upbeat reminder that we live the lives we have chosen.  

“Now and Then” is a retrospective, “what if” appraisal, highlighting questions that likely haunt us all.  

“The Drifter” became the soundtrack for a YouTube/Vimeo video and an excerpt from “Willow Song” is featured in a video discussion of synesthesia/chromesthesia (see “Videos & Extras” tab).

Other tunes refine the full instrumentation approach, vocal lines, and melodic simplicity of “Opposites.”

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