Serious Underscore

More than a kilometer of strings, tuned percussion, carefully selected synthesizers, along with instruments that thrive in air, each with their own color and hue, often pastel, then highlighted by sections of vibrancy, gone to shadows in places, and occasionally, encroaching darkness.
Remembering the classic art/writing assignment: study the painting and compose the story that goes with it.
Imagine the images.
The movie you have been meaning to produce…
This is the soundtrack.
Melodies and arrangements from the heart– with no smiling for the camera.

The Life, O'Reilly

The Life, O’Reilly

The Life, O’Reilly continues the foray into alternate folk, with influences of pop, jazz, and funk.   The CD includes a tribute to homeless veterans (“The Drifter”), a tune that paraphrases some of the sayings of James Mattis (“Le Jeux Sont Fait”), a smoky jazz club tune (“Another Shade of Blue”), and the title cut that is an upbeat reminder that we live the lives we have chosen.   Other tunes refine the full instrumentation approach and melodic simplicity of “Opposites.”

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